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Bread is it good or evil

Bread holds an interesting place in the food chain. Some of us love it and eat too much of it, particularly when it is just baked and still warm and others avoid it completely, so who is right?

Well the answer is not straight forward, bread itself is not unhealthy, but the quality and amount consumed make the difference, in fact a huge difference.

Fibre is the catchphrase now and we need to optimise fibre intake to help reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels to improve health. We also need to have a diet that is high in protein and low in fat and a good source of B group vitamins and a range of other vitamins and minerals.

BREAD offers all of those things.

White Bread - This is the bread that breaks down quickly and can increase blood sugar levels quickly and has less vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre

Wholemeal Bread - Whilst better than white as it has more fibre you can do better

Multigrain Bread - Lots of grains, and to make sure you are getting the best ensure that your Wholegrain bread is also made from Wholemeal Flour, The best bread to keep you feeling full and keeping those blood sugar levels in check,

Rye Bread - Again look for a wholegrain version.

Sourdough Bread - Those with gut problems may already find this bread sits better in their stomach and this is due to the bread undergoing a fermentation process before we eat it, meaning our gut has less of that process to do and helping to reduce bloating. Look for authentic Sourdough that is rich and chewy, often sold in bakeries.

Then there is everyone's favorite question?

Should I go Gluten Free?

If you have Coeliac Disease - Without Question YES

If you have an intolerance to Gluten - YES, but try some from time to time to see if your intolerance has settled as some gut disturbances don't hang around forever.

If you want to eat it because it is healthy - Then sorry, but it is no healthier than other breads.

So in a nutshell, Fibre is your friend, find a wholegrain bread with wholemeal flour. OR a good Sourdough. Have one to two slices a day and combine with some salad and protein in a sandwich, or with some avo and smashed fetta, keep the portions down and the quality high.



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