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Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerances

Irritable Bowel and FODMAPS

Good Nutrition for Weight Loss

Diabetes Nutrition and Education

Working with your Medical Specialist NEW 2018 - Bariatric Surgery

My name is Judith Cahill and I established Gippsland Dietetics in 2016. 

I am experienced with working with families and couples as well  as individuals  who are striving for better health

I work with people of all ages who find it hard to leave the house because they know that they might have an embarrassing accident while they are out and who have become withdrawn from friends and family as they feel isolated with gut problems. If you have tried to Google your problem and just getting more confused, I work with you. Do you have some health goals and need to tune your diet to help achieve them, I work with you.

Are you sick of being on diets and feeling like a failure, and need some help with finding a way to eat that makes you feel healthy and happy and energetic, then I also work with you.

You will find me reading new books and research, my style is educational and interactive and we will set some goals and a plan to help you to improve your health by making simple changes to your diet.

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