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Judith Cahill

At Gippsland Dietetics, I am dedicated to helping my clients reach their health and wellness goals. I understand that everyone has a unique journey, and as an experienced dietitian, I can help provide the guidance and support needed. My approach to dietetics focuses on eating well and good gut health, a powerful tool to help control physical and mental well-being. I pride myself on caring and understanding while being professional and educated in the latest nutrition research. I want to empower clients to live their best lives, so contact Gippsland Dietetics today to start your health journey!

Specialist Areas:-
- Gut Health
- Coeliac Disease
- IBS and IBD

- Gastroparesis
- Chronic Disease Management, including Diabetes and High Cholesterol 
- Bariatric Surgery

Qualifications: -
Paediatric Training - Royal Children's Hospital 

Masters in Science and Dietetics - Victoria University 
Bariatric Training - Sydney


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