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Operation Theater

Bariatric Surgery

An important part of the team with any weight loss surgery is the dietitian. Input from an experienced dietitian can make the difference between success and failure - starting in the pre-operative phase. If you have made the decision to have the surgery contact us.

Diabetes - Copy.jpg


Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood are too high.  Understanding how changes in your diet can reduce your risk of Diabetes is where a dietitian can be of help.

First Aid

Heart Disease

Healthy eating and drinking are an important part of looking after your heart.  A dietitian can help you to make simple changes that can improve your heart health

Nutritional Cooking

Healthy Eating

Did you know the less than 4% of Australian eats enough vegetables each day? Making simple changes in your daily diet can improve your energy levels and your sleeping patterns and your overall health

Online Cooking Class


At Gippsland Dietetics, we can help your client to improve quality of life by educating them about healthy eating and some ideas on achieving a better diet to meet their NDIS goals. 

Bread Store

Gut Health

Gut Health is a major focus of Gippsland Dietetics. Whether it is Coeliac Disease, IBS, IBD or others. If it affects the gut, it is our passion to help

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