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Are you building muscle? SPECIAL OFFER

One of the big problems with weight loss is knowing whether you are losing body fat or muscle mass. The saying that muscle weighs more than fat is true, but muscle takes time and effort to build, whereas we can lose fat by focussing on eating well and starting a basic exercise program.

At Nutritious Outcomes, the InBody230 provides a report that tells you your own personal details including:-

- Your weight

- Your Muscle Mass

- Your Body Fat

- Percentage Body fat

- Whether you need to build muscle or lose some body fat and helps with goals.

A diagram showing the distribution of fat and muscle is provided which identifies if you have a strong upper body, or need more muscle in your legs, and more importantly can show you the amount of body fat you have around your core, and those important organs like your heart and lungs.

All patients are weighed with the InBody scale as part of a full assessment, however should you be trying to lose weight and just want to receive a report, this can be arranged as well.

There is a special offer at the moment where a weigh in and short consultation (15min) is offered for $25-00 with the fifth weigh-in for free. With summer fast approaching, nothing is more motivating for weight loss than seeing your Body Composition report and being able to start your plan to change it.

Important note:-

Nutritious Outcomes, believes that your goal of eating well should be to improve your overall health and whilst losing weight can help with health, looking at your diet and making some adjustments to improve health should be your main focus.

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