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Keeping kids healthy

Healthy food ideas for when you are busy

It is important to feed your young children healthy meals or snacks and with toddlers and preschool-aged children able to eat the same foods as the rest of the family, it can be quick and easy to prepare.


A healthy breakfast option could be:-

  • Wholegrain cereal and milk

  • Porridge and fruit with a glass of milk

  • Yoghurt and fruit, or make a smoothie

  • Toast or a crumpet with cheese and some fruit

  • Baked beans or cheese or both on toast

  • Toast some fruit bread and have with a glass of milk


Sandwiches and wraps and rolls are a great option. Try different breads, and different fillings

  • Try a high fibre white, a wholemeal or multigrain bread sandwich (or even mix it up for fun and have one slice of white and one of wholemeal

  • Make a wrap with some pitta bread, or have a bread roll

  • Delicious fillings with a protein base such as egg, tuna, salmon, cold meat, chicken or cheese and add some salad ingredients such as tomato, cucumber, alfalfa, grated carrot beetroot or sliced mushrooms

  • Toast the sandwiches or wraps for a different effect

  • In winter serve with some soup, can be homemade or from a can.


Once you find some delicious meals, keep them handy, or keep a few things in the pantry that can be made into a meal at short notice.

Quick meals include

  • Stir fries with lots of veggies and some nioodles

  • Fried rice with vegies and an egg

  • A good quick favorite is a pasta made with a tomato-based sauce (use tomato paste - buy the smaller options so you dont have to throw out a jar of tomato paste after a week). Add veggies, or tuna or chicken or a mix of these and some herbs

  • Buy a roast chicken and make a salad and have it in bread rolls or as a meal

  • Make homemade pizzas, Just pita bread, tomato past grated cheese and a few toppings such as ham, mushrooms, pineabpple or some capsicum.

  • Burritos with beasn, lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado and beef or chicken

  • Make a homemade soup or bean and vegetable soup and have with some toasted rolls

  • Toasties and soup,

  • Egg on toast, add some cheese or grilled tomatoes or some spinach

Keep a variety of foods on offer as much as your child will tolerate to offer foods from all food groups and provide a nutritious diet.


  • Make big batches of your child's favorites and freeze portions for later dates

  • Keep the most used ingredients in the pantry such as; tomato-based pasta sauces, stock powder, pasta, rice, couscous, baked beans, and canned foods such as tuna, salmon, tomatoes, and corn and beans and legumes such as chickpeas and lentils (great to add some fibre and added nutrition to a more basic meal).

  • In your fridge keep cheese, eggs, and frozen vegies, or vegie mixes (great for stir fries in a hurry)


Young children need snacks, so keep them healthy

  • Cheese and biscuits

  • Fruit

  • Small amount of tinned fruit in a bowl

  • A fruit smoothie

  • Tub of yoghurt

  • Vegetable sticks (or you can steam the vegetables to make them softer for younger children)

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