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Staying strong as we age

As we get older we understand the importance of eating well for health, strong muscles and most importantly independence. Good nutrition helps stop us from becoming frail as we get older.

Key messages include:-

Eating three healthy meals each day and make sure we have nourishing snacks available as well.

- Include all of the food groups, Vegetables, Fruit, Proteins, Grains, and Dairy - If your appetite is lower, make every bite count by including foods with more energy such as added oils and fats and those with higher calorie

Eat protein at each meal and snack

- Protein rich foods include meats, fish, chicken, tempeh, milk, cheese, eggs, beans and legumes and nuts and all dairy foods - Choose proteins as a good snack choice

Exercise every day - Being more active helps to keep muscles healthy, so add so extra walking, or other household activities such as gardening and add some strength work as well. This will help balance and muscle maintenance "Use it or Lose It"

Drink plenty of fluids

- Drink with every meal or snack

- Choose energy rich drinks such as milk, smoothies and cream based soups Try and maintain weight as an indicator of good health. - notify your GP if you have a poor appetite

- Feel full quickly and cannot finish meals - get nauseous or vomit after meals

- Finding your bowel movements are difficult Other health changes, dry skin, wounds not repairing may all indicate poor eating and drinking habits.

and speak to a dietitian if you feel your diet needs a check up.


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