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What is it with FODMAPS?

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Abdominal Pain - Can FODMAPS be the answer?

FODMAPs is an acronym for the short chain and fermentable carbohydrates that are found naturally in a range of foods from all food groups; grains, dairy, fruit and vegetables, but not in proteins as they contain very little carbohydrate at all (except for meats made with grain products eg: those that are crumbed and stuffed).

The main problem with FODMAPS are they are not absorbed properly in the small intestine and result in some uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms including excess wind, pain, bloating, or changes in bowel habits. FODMAPs can even make the symptoms of some other bowel conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns disease worse.

When we eat these fermentable carbohdrates or FODMAPS they have two main processes:-

a) They can draw water into the bowel and this can lead to diarrhoea, or

b) They are fermented by the bacteria that naturally live in the large intestine and this creates gas which can lead to the bloating and excess wind.

There are two main processes happening that cause symptoms

These processes happen in the digestive processes in most people, however only a small group experience symptoms which can be embarrassing and very painful and in some cases can even affect the ability of an individual to go about their normal daily activities.

How can a dietitian help?

It has been shown that 75% of those with these symptoms gain benefit from implementing a low FODMAP diet. As a dietitian who has been working with patients experiencing the debilitating symptoms of IBS, I have found that by going through the process with my patients and explaining the entire process clearly and simply, the best results are obtained. I help my patients with the initial low FODMAP diet, and then the introductory challenge phase where each of the FODMAP groups are reintroduced and assessed for tolerance. You will gain a great benefit for long term improvement to your symptoms, reduction in pain, bloating and improved bowel movements, and may find only a small number of foods need to be eliminated or restricted in your diet. I help a varied range of people, from those newly diagnosed to those who have been completing their own trial and error systems for years. I help implement quite a methodical and simple method and help you to understand and complete the challenge phase for best results.

To discuss this further you can make an appointment by contacting Gippsland Dietetics.


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