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World Kidney Disease Day and Dietitians

Today is world Kidney Disease Day and seeing a Dietitian can assist with sorting facts from fiction in the management of your kidney disease when you are hearing so much conflicting information from a range of sources. Eating well is vital in managing kidney disease and keeping the best health.

Firstly ever person with kidney disease is different and there is no "One size all" approach to managing kidney issues. Some issues will arise as kidney function deterioates. Some people develop high levels of Potassium or Phosphate or Urea in the blood and others might lose Protein, Phospahte and Potassium in their urine. Some people retain fluid and for them salt and fluid may be an issue, and others pass lots of urine and need to drink more.

Maybe your appetite is dropping and you just dont feel like eating.

What can you eat and drink?

A dietitian can assist with reviewing your energy, and the important nutrients such as

  • Protein

  • Sodium/salt

  • Potassium

  • Phosphate

  • Fluid

  • Fat

  • Carbohydrate

So make an appointment with your dietitian and to help please ensure that:-

  1. You write down what you have been eating for a few days to bring with you

  2. Bring your medication list with you

  3. Bring the family cook with you if you dont do the cooking yourself

  4. Ask questions during the appoinmtnet

  5. Follow up this appointment with future appointments as Kidney disease can change quite quickly

Kidney disease can be managed quite well with the correct tools and information can be a vital tool in helping you maintain the best possible health.

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