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Have you been worried about some extra weight

If you are worried that you might be putting on some weight, then it is a great time of year to review your eating habits as there is so much fresh and delicious food around.

Firstly though it is a suggestion to invest in some good scales, as by weighing yourself and getting a starting point and can monitor your weight. I don't believe that you need to weigh yourself everyday, but once a week is a good starting point.

Secondly become familiar with one or two bad habits that have crept into your daily eating, it may be happy hour after work or larger serves at dinner. Even checking the number of calories in those habits with a simple to use website like calorie you can quickly identify where those extra kilograms came from.

Finally it is always easier to lose weight or change those habits with a friend. Find a friend or family member and share your goal with them e.g.:-

- Losing 2-5 kgs in the next month, or

- Reducing the serving size of the evening meal

By having someone to be accountable to, it keeps you more motivated. With the Christmas season upon us, be mindful of the AMOUNT you eat. Certainly enjoy the delicious food around, but try to only eat until you feel full, and enjoy every bite as it is the season to enjoy.

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