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Garlic vs Garlic Infused Oil

When starting a low FODMAP diet - it can be disappointing to know that Garlic is off the menu temporarily. BUT Garlic infused oil is OK........WHY? Garlic is high in a type of Carbohydrate known as Fructans which is off the menu in the low FODMAP diet, Fructans are poorly absorbed (maldigested) and their fermentation causes symptoms such as Bloating, Pain and some changes in the bowel movements, which is some people can be quite debilitating. So is Garlic off the menu forever? No - In the low FODMAP diet, there are groups of foods removed and then slowly reintroduced to assess the tolerance levels of the FODMAPS in each individual. Why is Garlic Infused Oil tolerated? The actual garlic itself is a carbohydrate which is removed from the diet, but by soaking garlic cloves in oil, the flavour transfers but the garlic which is not oil-soluble does not transfer.

So the flavour transfers but the Garlic does not move into the oil at all.

Can I make my own?

Yes you can but be careful how you store it as it needs to be stored in the fridge - unlike the commercial varieties.

So enjoy your garlic flavour even when following a low FODMAP diet.


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